MX-500X UMTS Iu Protocol Simulator and Analyzer

The MT-500X is designed for testing the user plane traffic running in UMTS IU interface. It is a protocol simulation and analysis tool aimed at the UMTS developers. MT-500X has comprehensive protocol support, and provides real time decode, analysis, statistics, and storage of received data. With the build-in simulation engine, MT-C, MT-500X is a powerful and flexible tool to generate UMTS IuCS, IuPS data, speech, and fax traffic.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and flexible protocol simulation tool MTC.
  • Support for data, fax and speech protocols.
  • Monitoring and analysis of "live" lines without affecting the network.
  • Protocols can be decoded and studied at the desired layer; for optimum fault finding analysis
  • Bi-directional analysis.
  • All speech codec support for verification of correct voice transmission.

User friendly, easy to learn, and flexible system

  • PC based and X-Window screen handling.
  • Thorough user manual with numerous test scenarios.
  • PC or portable solution for distributed test setup.

Detailed description the MT-500X features

The standard system comprises an industrial PC running the Linux operating system and X-Window system. It runs either over ATM (OC3), or over IP.

When running over ATM, an OC3 board, ATMII, of ADAX is used for our IucS and IuPs tester. The ATMII includes hardware support for ATM AAL5, AAL2, and AAL0. The board is a PCI 2.1 compliant device which can run on 32 bit PCI buses and 64 bit PCI buses. Moesarc application is running on 32 bit PCI buses in the current version. The ATMII driver is a kernel STREAMS driver which is responsible for forming the interface between the user application and the ATMII hardware.

Protocol simulation

Combining monitoring and simulation makes it easier to isolate and detect faulty situations, due to the fact that entire protocol layers may be emulated. And it is particularly strong in detecting logical errors, such as sequencing errors, bad acknowledgements, etc. These tests can be automated and run by the click of a button: The engineer would normally use a script that is earmarked to simulate special traffic or fault conditions. When running this type of script, the MT-500X will simulate an active, communicating network element, transmitting and receiving data - assisting the engineer in analyzing the network conditions.

Simulation scripts and MTC

Typically, users using Moesarc protocol analyzers will write their own data simulation script can use the internal MT-C script language and generator, and gradually assemble a library of useful scripts. Additionally, Moesarc Technology provides a set of sample scripts for the different protocols, which may be customized to suit special needs or test requirements. MT-C is a free form editable language. This means that an ordinary text editor can be used to create and modify the scripts. Another advantage is that the MT-C syntax and semantics are almost identical to the widely used C programming language.

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